Consolidated Distribution Co. (CDC) is an internal Clayco company with national buying power which brings value to our clients as well as our bottom line. We have national buying agreements with major suppliers for a wide variety of construction materials and equipment. Our national agreements provide our clients with the best available products and reduced costs; establish consistent quality levels and specifications; increased reliability of material and systems delivery and scheduling; provide an increased level of service and design assistance from the equipment providers; and provide clients with the latest equipment as new products become available.

Construction procurement typically proceeds from the owner to designers and builders, to subcontractors and distributors, and finally to manufacturers. Clayco’s procurement professionals work closely with the owner, the designers and construction team to ensure that products are specified correctly and any schedule requirements are communicated directly to the manufacturers. This ensures that the right products in the right quantities arrive at the jobsite at the right time. At the same time, our national buying power and ability to “bundle” multiple projects into one purchase provide our clients with outstanding value from a cost standpoint. The next major offering will allow clients to take advantage of the CDC purchasing power and directly supply materials/products to major institutions and Fortune 100 companies across the U.S. This will allow CDC to leverage existing Clayco clients but also work independently from the construction side of the business to develop new relationships for CDC.